Registration & Training Monitoring Cell - RTMC

The Registration and Training Monitoring Cell (RTMC) was created in 1991 with the primary objective of registered and monitored training of the post graduate candidates of various specialities, working in different parts of Pakistan and abroad.

Core Functions

Registration and Monitoring of Fellowship and Membership training in CPSP accredited institute under college approved supervisors.

Timely evaluation of Synopsis and Dissertation and provision of inputs with regards to enhancement of quality Research and Capacity building of health professionals regarding Research.

Accreditation of Supervisors for fellowship / membership programs. So as to ensure imparting quality education and expertise to trainees.

Maintaining of updated records of trainees and Supervisors for monitoring by the institution.

Objectives of the RTMC

  • Registration of FCPS and MCPS training in all disciplines.
  • Registration of DCPS training in HPE & HCSM.
  • Monitoring of training requirements including re-registration, rotational training in the subspecialty and timely assessment of synopsis and dissertation to meet the eligibility requirement of examination.
  • Accreditation of Supervisors
  • Monitoring & maintaining updated records of trainees / trainers.
  • To serve as a resource centre manned by qualified professionals to provide inputs & support related to quality research & training to various centers, trainers and trainees.
  • Facilitate the trainees and health specialists in writing quality synopsis for dissertation and research articles.

Activities of the RTMC

As soon as the result of FCPS part I is announced, RTMC sends letters to the candidates to apply for registration. The letter also contains required baseline information for the candidate to plan their training accordingly and consult the prospectus for further details about their respective specialties. They are also informed to visit CPSP website for updates and information. Presently registrations are only done in January and July session.

RTMC is also involved with the registration of the candidates for FCPS II training who are working abroad e.g. in U.K, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Nepal etc. subject to the approval of their Institute/Hospitals and Supervisors by the CPSP for the same. For this purpose the candidate has to send a letter from the respective country showing that particular institute is approved for Post Graduate training by the national authorities. The candidates are also required to submit a detailed CV of the Supervisor with whom they are going to be affiliated with for training. The Supervisor must have a post fellowship experience of five years and he should hold FCPS, FRCS, FRCP, FRCOG and Diplomat American Board or equivalent qualifications and meet other CPSP requirements for approval by CPSP for providing quality training.

RTMC is involved with the process of approval of Synopsis for Dissertations / Articles. Synopsis should be submitted to RTMC within 06 months of commencement of training in the specialty or 06 months in the subspecialty. Data collection is started after the approval of synopsis. Synopsis is reviewed by trained staff under the guidance of Consultant Epidemiologist. In case of observations the synopsis is sent back to the candidate for correction. Once submitted back to RTMC it goes through the same procedure. The turnover period for processing of synopsis is 8 weeks.

Dissertations are to submitted after approval of Synopsis and research work. Dissertations go through the same process of approval as mentioned earlier. For quick and effective communications, absolute electronic communications (e-mails) are the preferable mode of processing by RTMC. For this purpose the college has started maintaining a directory of e-mail addresses of all registered trainees and registered supervisors. Hence candidates are advised to communicate via email. This is mentioned in all RTMC documentation with the candidates for the implementation of the same

In addition of the above mentioned details RTMC also performs the following functions:

  • Counseling of the candidates to guide them regarding:
    • Training and its requirements. Also provide them with information to find a solution to their problems within CPSP rules and regulations.
    • Correction in synopsis if errors persist after second submission.
  • Research related technical inputs to various Departments and Centers.
  • Evaluation and provision of information to Registrar department about the factual position of the trainees for the accreditation and de-accreditation of the Institutes.
  • Laison with DME, IT, etc in providing records updates, technical inputs.
  • Laison with examination department regarding status of training, registration, dissertation of trainees & applicants for FCPS / MCPS examinations.
  • Maintains a rapport / liaison with regional offices thus assisting them to solve trainee / supervisor problems.

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