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The evaluation system is based on on-going assessment (50%) and final assessment (50%). CPSP reserves the right to modify this weightage.

On-going Assessment (50%)

Following are the components for on-going assessment. In case there is no quiz or presentation or class assignment the weightage will be transferred to any of the component undertaken by the faculty in the class.

  • Attendance
  • Quiz
  • Professional attire and behavior
  • Class assignment
  • Book review
  • Class Participation
  • Presentation
  • Supervised Learning Assignment (SLA)

Supervised Learning Assignments

The Supervised Learning Assignments (SLA) forms the most important part of on-going assessment. During the supervised learning period, students are given assignments by the faculty, based on the relevance of the topic. Follow-up is arranged via telephone/email between students and faculty members to discuss the progress and concerns. Faculty has to ensure that students submit their assignments on time, so that they are assessed before completion of semester and the initiation of final exam.

Note: In case of SLA, the assessment criteria will be provided by the assessor based on the objectives of the particular topic.

Final Assessment (50%)

Final assessment will be held for each course, except for those, where credit hours are not assigned. It includes:

Written Examination (25%)

The written examination papers may contain MCQs (multiple choice questions) or SAQs (short answer questions) or both.

OSME (Objective Structured Management Examination) (25%)

It is a method to assess: analytical skills, critical thinking, communication and practical application of management skills of the student. This will be conducted by rotating the students in a circuit around 10 or more stations (interactive and static) for 5-8 min each. Stations will be based on the cases / scenarios pertaining to the course content.

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