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Queries Related to FCPS-II/MCPS Training

After passing FCPS-I a candidate should apply on Form “A” to RTMC, CPSP for registration along with supervisor’s code number & photocopy of supervisor certificate. A candidate should apply within one month of starting his/her training along with all the supporting documents, otherwise the date of commencement of training will be from the date on which application was received in RTMC. FCPS registration is being done for January and July session only. Following attested photocopies are required along with the registration fee and form:

  • Original receipt or payment (Registration).
  • FCPS-I Result (Congratulation Letter/Exemption Letter).
  • Proper Appointment/Placement Order by the Government/ Head of the Institution/GHQ.
  • Letter of Joining from the department duly signed/stamped by the supervisor and Head of the Department/Institute.
  • MBBS/BDS Degree.
  • Valid PMDC Registration Certificate.
  • CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card).

The following conditions have to be fulfilled for a change of supervisor / Institute:

  • Your proposed supervisor must be an approved supervisor with CPSP (current list of CPSP approved supervisors is available at website )
  • Photocopy of supervisors approval certificate issued by CPSP.
  • Change of supervisor Form 'AA' completely filled in.
  • You have to mention the reason for change of supervisor.
  • Fresh appointment / placement order is to be attached with the application (Attested photocopy).
  • Exact date of relieving the previous department supervisor and the date of joining the new department supervisor with documentary proof to be provided (Attested photocopy).
  • NOC from previous and present supervisor is required.
  • CPSP prescribed Experience Performa (Form D) should be filled in to date, mentioning the entire training with supporting experience certificates from each supervisor under whom the training was done, duly signed/stamped by the supervisor and the Head of the institution.

For registration as FCPS-II trainee for the candidates who are working abroad the candidate has to provide a letter from the hospital that it is accredited for postgraduate training by the Royal Colleges for UK and Ireland, Saudia commission of Health Specialty for Saudi Arabia and Health Council of Nepal in the selected Specialty.

Secondly trainee will have to provide a complete C.V. of his/her proposed supervisor along with the supervisor Form – B that can be downloaded from our website for him to be approved by CPSP as a supervisor.

Please note that the proposed supervisor must possess FCPS/MRCP/FRCP/FRCS/Diplomat American Board or equivalent qualification plus five years post fellowship experience in a recognized institute. Registration fee for the trainees acquiring training abroad is US$ 150/-.

Candidates are allowed to pay total fee in one year as per below mentioned schedule or candidates can also pay total fee at the time of registration. The first installment is payable at the time of registration, second installment after 4 months of registration and third installment after the next 4 months. All workshops to be completed within first 18 months of training.

At the Time of Registration

Registration Fee - Rs. 3000/-

First Installment

Workshop on Research Methodology & Medical Writing (within first six months) - Rs. 8500/-

Second Installment

Workshop on Communication Skills - Rs.8500/-

Workshop on Introduction to Computer and Internet (Optional) - Rs.6000/-

NOTE : Computer exemption test in lieu of workshop (In case of failing the test, Computer and Internet workshop will become mandatory)

Third Installment

Workshop on Primary Surgical Skills (Candidates of Surgery & Allied and Obstetrics / Gynaecology only) - Rs. 8500/-


Synopsis submission fee (Fresh only) - Rs. 1000/-


Dissertation submission fee (Fresh) - Rs. 10000/-

Dissertation submission fee (Resubmission) - Rs.2000/-

As a general rule the validity of a pass in FCPS Part – I for candidates who have passed/will pass FCPS Part – I in 2000 and later is three years from the date of passing this examination plus the duration of fellowship training program that is:

For 3 – year program the validity is 6 years

For 4 – year program the validity is 7 years

For 5 – year program the validity is 8 years

It is advised to all FCPS-II trainees that they start their training within 3 years of passing FCPS-I otherwise the FCPS-I status will become null and void. The training should be started under an approved supervisor in an approved institution by the CPSP and the candidate should apply for RTMC registration within one month of starting training, otherwise the date of commencement of training will be from the date on which the application is received by the RTMC.

Extension the validity of FCPS-I up to March 2010 examination allow to all candidates who passed this examination in 1998 and later and its Validity had expired/will expire before March 2010. Other candidates who were declared null & void previously but have appeal to the validity committee and have been allowed extension of validity complete the remaining requirement up to the March 2010 Examination.

for more details read the notification : Ref No.6-1/Exam-07/CPS/153-M Mar 01, 2007.

A candidate should apply for re-registration along with all the necessary documents in case of change of institute or supervisor on MCPS/FCPS registration form within one month to RTMC, CPSP.

Note: MCPS / FCPS list of institutes for training of MCPS available on our website.

A CPSP approved supervisor for FCPS-II training is allowed maximum of 8 trainees under his supervision at one time.

A CPSP approved supervisor for MCPS training is allowed maximum of 4 trainees under his supervision at a time.

To find whether your supervisor is approved by CPSP or not, check our website where a list of approved supervisors is available for trainees guidance, which is updated regularly.

To find whether your Institute is approved by CPSP or not, check our website where a list of approved Institutes by CPSP is available for trainees guidance, which is updated regularly.

The trainees registered with RTMC under a supervisor who has retired from service should select another approved supervisor to continue his training and apply for re-registration on Form "AA" along with supervisor’ certificate. In case of transfer, promotions, retirements of supervisor the head of the concerned department shall assign these candidates to other CPSP approved supervisors in the same department, including himself/herself, under intimation to RTMC. This arrangement, under the overall supervision of the head of the department will continue until such time that vacancies are filled by fresh appointees who could take over as supervisors for these candidates. Re-registration with RTMC will be required for undertaking training with the newly appointed faculty member against vacant positions.

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