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The College establish Directorate of National Residency Program to Strengthening the Residency Program and seeks cooperation from the residents as well as supervisors, institutional directors, accredited residency institutions, councillors and relevant CPSP functionairies for the successful implementation in order to achieve the ultimate goal of qualified postgraduates with better performance in the exit examinations.


To develop competent and caring specialist doctors and dentists. who demonstrate professionalism, leadership and advocacy for improving both patient care and health care system.


To strengthen and re-align existing residency programs so that the residents develop essential competencies and keep themselves updated as per CPSP standards, within constrained environments. To enable them to assume leadership roles as ethically strong and competent health care providers, faculty members and researchers for their communities in diverse professional settings.

NRP Committe

  • Prof. Mahmood Ayyaaz - Convener
  • Prof. Waqar Alam Jan - Member
  • Maj. Gen. Prof. Farrukh Saeed - Member
  • Prof. Shahid Pervez - Member
  • Prof. Aisha Siddiqa - Member
  • Prof. Ambreen Afzal - Member
  • Co-Opted Member by Convener

Prof. Mahmood Ayyaaz
Director General
National Residency Program

Prof. Ambreen Afzal Ehsan
National Residency Program, Dentistry

Prof. Rukhsana W. Zuberi
National Residency Program, Southern Region

Prof. Muhammad Waris Farooqa
National Residency Program, Northern Region

CPSP started the residency programs though in 2009, the Directorate of National Residency Program was established in 2014 to strengthen and support residency programs so that the residents develop essential competencies in a timely and progressive manner and to keep the residents and supervisors updated about the CPSP standards.

Prof. Mahmood Ayyaz is the Councilor, Convener and Director General National Residency Training Program (DGNRP) along with the NRP Committee members, Maj Gen Farrukh Saeed , Prof Waqar Alam Jan , Prof Ayesha Siddiqa, Prof Shahid Pervez and Prof. Ambreen Afzal, supervise the working of the Directorate of National Residency Program.

The NRP Committee members are CPSP Councilors and belong to different provinces of the country and are well aware of issues faced by the residents, supervisors and institutions.

The recommendations of the NRP Committee under CPSP rules are to be presented to the President and Council for consideration and decision.

Directorate keeps regular track of daily performance of residents submitted through e-log and its periodic verification by the concerned supervisor. The Directorate consist of the following units:

Induction Unit

Resolve induction and re registration issues of residents as per CPSP Policies.

E-Portal Monitoring Unit

Monitoring of its residents during training is an important aspect of any meaningful and successful training conducted by this unit. The DNRP monitors not only its residents of their daily performance submitted through e-log system, but also facilitates the Supervisors in achieving competencies with the help of Structured Visual Display Charts (SVCD Charts), which is a systematic and easy approach to first log in and then verify the performance.

In addition to this it also facilitates supervisors for regular e-log case entries approval and residents feedback.

  • Curriculum Competency Unit: (Entry of Competencies in e-Portal).
  • Break in training Recording Unit: Approved Break/ leave in training of residents as per CPSP policies.
  • Email Corresponding Unit: Correspondence through with all CPSP stakeholders on matters related to the National Residency Program.
  • Help Desk: Communicate with all the residents and supervisors who have any problem in Residency training through DNRP Help Desk or phone 021-99266419

Collaborative Functions of DNRP

Working with the CPSP Committees, Curriculum Committee, Equivalence Committee, and Disciplinary Committee & Executive Committee.

Working with the CPSP Departments

  • Registrar Department
  • Registration and Research Cell (R&RC)
  • Examination Department
  • Department of Medical Education
  • Department of Medical Education

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