Department of Medical Education | DME

Achievements / Activities

The Department of Medical Education takes great pride in having established itself as a credible educational resource and trend-setter for medical education in the country. The summary of achievements made and types of activities undertaken since its inception are:

  • Attained the status of National Teachers training Centre (NTTC) in 1979
  • Designated as the WHO Collaborating Centre for Training in Research and Educational Development of Health Personnel in 1996 and is maintaining this prestigious position since then
  • Contribution towards CPSP postgraduate programs:
    • Developing curricula for Fellowship and Membership programs in new disciplines
    • Review and updating curricula of existing programs, making them Competency-based
    • Designing a system of monitoring for ensuring quality of the training programs
    • Developing standards and processes for accrediting training institutions
    • Instituting quality assurance procedures in the postgraduate examinations
    • Replacement of Long Essays with Short Essay Questions and True/False MCQs with negative marking to Single-best MCQs and Extended Matching Questions (EMQs)
    • Improving clinical examinations by first introduction of OSCE and then developing a more interactive modified version as Task Oriented Assessment of Clinical Skills (TOACS)
    • Developing MCQ Bank
    • Instituting post examination item analysis procedures
  • Organizing and conducting workshops throughout the country for both trainees and supervisors of CPSP programs. The workshops for the trainees are:
    • Computer and Internet
    • Communication skills
    • Research Methodology, Biostatistics and Dissertation Writing
    • Primary Surgical Skills (for trainees in Surgery and Allied Disciplines)
  • The workshops for the supervisors are:
    • Educational Planning and Evaluation
    • Assessment of Competence
    • Supervisory skills
    • Research Methodology, Biostatistics and Medical Writing
  • Organized workshops for the examiners with foreign experts as facilitators to train them in new assessment methodologies and trends.
  • Organized and Educational Workshops conducted outside Pakistan in following countries :
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Sudan
    • Bahrain
    • Nepal
    • Bangladesh
    • Sri Lanka

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