Department of Information Technology - IT

Shahzad Abid

Director IT,
College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan

E-Mail System

The previous email system was altered, which has been now rendered fully secure and guaranteed uptime. As it is hosted by it is expandable to 50,000 email addresses (currently 20,000) and has features to reduce spam and junk emails.

The transformation of the CPSP to an E-Enterprise has been initiated by the College Council by the introduction of the triple T (tutor, trainer and trainee). The three Ts are being provided with individual email addresses allowing them direct correspondence with the CPSP. This will result in a rapid notification and feedback system.

Up gradation of office equipment

The Department has begun to upgrade the existing office machinery, which would result in major cutting down of expenses connected with the repair of old and substandard equipment. The main focus was on photocopier machines in the Examinations Department where the consumption was around 1 million copies per year. The DME was provided with laptops and new multimedia devices for increased efficiency in the conduct of its Workshops.

Library and Learning Resources Centre (LRC)

Wireless connections were installed in the library and the number of computers in the LRC was increased resulting in an easier internet access and research facility in the CPSP. Work is in progress to develop an E-Library consisting of surgical videos which would be accessible through the LRC.

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