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Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics - ALSO®

CPSP is pleased to announce the initiation of the ALSO® (Advanced Life support in Obstetrics) course. ALSO® is a course designed and owned by AAFP & CPSP has been granted license to run both its provider and instructor courses.

ALSO® is an evidence-based educational program designed to assist health professionals in developing and maintaining the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage the emergencies which arise in maternity care.

Course Objectives

To discuss methods of managing pregnancy and birth urgencies and emergencies, this may help standardize the skills of practicing maternity care providers.

To demonstrate content and skill acquisition as demonstrated by successful completion of the course written examination and megadelivery testing station.

Importance of the Programs

ALSO® helps in the management and to help with morbidity and mortality of both the mother and baby. ALSO® does this by incorporating both didactic and practical, hands on workstations with lifelike mannequins. Topics include, assisted vaginal delivery, electronic fetal monitoring, fetal dystocias, neonatal resuscitation, management premature labor, management of postpartum hemorrhage, along with Forceps and vacuum assisted delivery. and to become certified in ALSO, you must successfully pass a written test as well as a practical hands on case management of a birth (mega-delivery) incorporating many elements learned throughout the course.

Importance in Pakistan

The need for structured management of obstetrical emergencies e.g as offered by ALSO is great in developing countries, including Pakistan. With 99 percent of maternal deaths occurring in developing countries, maternal mortality is the health statistic with the largest disparity between more developed and developing countries. The maternal mortality rate in Pakistan is 260 per 100,000 live births, compared with 8 per 100,000 live births in the United States. The lifetime risk of maternal death in Pakistan is 1 in 31 compared with 1 in 2500 in the United States.

The philosophy behind ALSO is that women and their families will benefit from the standardized, multidisciplinary approach to maternity care demonstrated during the course.


The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), owns the ALSO copyright and trademark on all of the course materials, including the syllabus, slide set and written examination. Use of portions of the materials outside of an authorized ALSO® course is strictly prohibited without prior written approval from the AAFP.


ALSO offers two course types

1. Provider ( Hybrid Course)

Prepare to effectively manage potential emergencies during pregnancy. Duration of the course is only 01 day. To maintain a current up to date status in ALSO® Program, the validity of an ALSO® course is set to 02 years. Students are encouraged to review curriculum updates and renew their ALSO® Provider status before it expires.

2. Instructor

An ALSO® instructor course teaches the doctor how to teach an ALSO® course.

Participants develop the skills they need to train the provider.

Duration of the course is 1 day.

Card Type

CPSP shall award ALSO® course completion card to the successful participants which is accredited by American academy of family Physicians.

CME Certificate

CPSP shall award 1 credit point per 2 hours to the participants on attendance of the entire course.


The College has started administration of courses at its Head office, at 7th Central Street, DHA Phase II, Karachi, and also at other Regional Centers too. The candidates are required to contact and apply for the ALSO® Courses at the following address:

Ms. Saima Jamil

ATLS National Coordinator & Dy.GM
Advanced Skills Department, CPSP Headquarter

College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan.
7th Central Street, Phase II, DHA Karachi.
UAN : 111-606-606
Tel : 0092-21-9266343,
Ext : 305

Email :
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