Department of Information Technology - IT

Muhammad Parwaiz

Senior Chief Manager MIS,
College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan

The Management Information System (MIS) Unit

The MIS Unit was established in 2009, the MIS team took the initiative to build ERP (Enterprise Recourse Planning) system for CPSP without any outside assistance.

Developed Integrated MIS System with the technology of free, open-source, real-time online Management Information System, the entire process of compiling reports and submission for processing is alleviated, centralized data repository for whole CPSP to access trainee, supervisor and their related record.

Constantly on the lookout for more and more cost-effective solutions to help with the management and administrative process, CPSP with substantial human resource and operational process is cope with multiple centers having various operations, ultimately helps with streamlining the decision making process, as the idea of the centralized online Management Information System is to eliminate the need for elaborate reports Currently online modules of said ERP for Examination, R & RC, REU and Finance are completely deployed and available online, HR and DME modules completed and in testing Phase which will be live on coming September 2011, Other similar modules will take about a year or so forcompletion.

The e-Log Book System

The e-Log Book System available online at, for all PGR's, Supervisors and tutors, its developed as a part of the new MIS under in-house development.

Now e-Log is compulsory for upcoming registered trainees in July 2011.

College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan

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